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Gian Maria Volonté 1933–1994

actasmarusia2fBorn in Milan in 1933, he studies in Rome at the “National Dramatic Arts Academy” were reaches the degree in 1957. He starts working in teather and television, where he is soon noticed as one of the most promising actors of his generation. After a few short appearance in movies, he reaches notoriety with the character of Ramón Rojo inSergio Leone   Για μια Χούφτα Δολάρια   See full bio 

Born: April 91933 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Died:December 61994 age 61  in Florina, Greece

Letter of Helen Anousaki

Born in the beautiful Athens Greece
my name is Eleni Anousaki theater
actress and film my love art and
created this blog because cinema
is a great complex art that gives
pleasure and happiness I hope we
can present a force the brilliance
and magic of Rare Art of cinema
all over the world in all languages
an album with great personalities
and famous director cameraman
and music composer

Eleni Anousaki

From Greece